Queen of the castle

Today I went to Helsingør/Elsinore aka Hamlet’s castle! I slept for just under 3 hours so I wasn’t going to go, but I figured, oh what the heck, how many times am I going to see a castle anyway. So I saw it for bragging rights, and not much else, I must admit.

Look it's folded!!! It's insane! Wonder how that happened.

Look it's folded!!! It's insane! Wonder how that happened.

The castle from afar!

The castle from afar!

Highlighter coloured mini lighthouses! Green (left) orange (right)!

Highlighter coloured mini lighthouses! Green (left) orange (right)!


Yeah.. I don’t know what it is either, but isn’t it funny looking?


I have a picture of the frolicking statues without the traffic light but I really like the traffic light for some reason. Also… Don’t the statues look like they’re peeing? Just sayin’.


Pretty flowers near the statuette 🙂


Railroad crossing! SB camhoed and turned around.


We think it’s a moat.



The car that almost ran us over while we posed!


There were so many ladybugs there it was ridiculous. I wanted to macro one in the grass but the game of chase-the-ladybug got a little tiring. The macro lens kept focussing on the wrong bit (namely the grass) because the little bugger moved around so much!


Huge too-friendly swan/goose. These things are scary! A Danish woman told us to stay a healthy distance away cause an angry momma swan can snap a grown man’s arm! Holy cow!


Jude Law is performing here tomorrow!

Jude Law is performing here tomorrow!

Omg.. below is the casement.. It was so creepy..

Bottle opener + flashlight keychain = BEST EVER in the casement thing (see the previous pic. It's creepy!)

Bottle opener + flashlight keychain = BEST EVER in the casement thing (see the previous pic. It's creepy!)

IMG_0234Ok sorry folks.. I’d write a description for each but I’ve had less than 3 hours of sleep and it’s almost 4am already. Forgive? A picture’s worth a thousand words I hear, anyway. 🙂 I might go back and write explanations but I probably won’t so if you have any questions holla at yo girlll.

HAH! I actually came back to it. Well last night T and I went out for the orientation night event. We pregamed (not nearly enough!!!) with some Heinekens which is cheap cheap cheap here — $5 for a sixpack. It just so happened every person who sat near us on the bus was Canadian, so three (Queens and UBC) and I met a very nice girl C. T and I met C’s friends and some random girl from California (who by the way defies every Californian stereotype — she’s not blonde, and she seems very sharp/snappy in a good way, like.. intelligent and not easily ruffled — a very impressive person overall and in fact a little intimidating!) So I thought the place we were going to was a bar but it was actually a club.. The name Park Cafe is very deceiving. Seriously… wtf? It was also really really far from the metro. Gah. Beers here were expensive but not as expensive as Club Mambo ($7 versus $8) and I got two of those because their mixed drinks (T got a screwdriver once) are WEAK! They pour exactly 1 oz using a gun and top it off with a lot of juice. I saw them make a gin and tonic that way too… Gin to tonic ratio was like … 10 to 90. It was obscene. I asked for a Long Island in the hopes of getting more bang for my buck but the lady was like, “I don’t make those.” Sigh. I think she makes drinks with only one liquor and one mixer, and she seemed new because she was really really inefficient and bad with the money compared to the other bartenders. K and V went to McDonald’s and when T and I heard it closed at 1 we really wanted to go too (T is going to be the death of me, I swear, we both crave food at any and all times and end up enabling each other) but the security guard wouldn’t let us! But K and V just breezed right in after! Unfair!! K and V left shortly after that, as did SB. Anyway, music was mostly good, except it had that dreaded inevitable hour-or-so period where the music just HAD to suck and T and I wanted to leave on a positive note! Well… Right when we gave up and were about to leave they played a song we liked so of course we had to go back… Then we finally left and we were asking instructions (here’s where the not-close-to-metro thing really kicks us in the seat of our pants) for the bus when we missed it! Nooooooo! So we were waiting for a bus in the cold and it took FOREVER (I really do mean forever.) Finally I started asking cabbies that passed how much it would cost to get to the metro. I was told 50-60, then 75, then a whopping 100 kroners! But finally there was a guy who said 60 or 70 and we convinced him to flat rate us for 60 (which is 12 bucks). Why? Well, I did some math in my head, and it wasn’t that much more expensive, because we’d run out of the discounted fare ticket (it’s called a clip card.. klippekort.. you buy ten fares at once and save 40%) so we’d have to pay 21 crowns cash fare for the bus and metro. Otherwise, we’d be paying 15 + 13 crowns for cab and metro (at the clip card rate, you can buy clip cards at the metro) and that’s 28 crowns, hardly much of a difference and very worth it. I got home a little faster, and I really wanted to go home, hahaha. I feel bad for the bussing folk, I think they walked to the next stop out of boredom or something.


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