Not much to report!

Not much happened today, and I *extremely disappointingly* have no pictures. I’m a little ashamed to post this actually. I almost don’t want to post anything for lack of interest, but I have that agreement with Kellen, hahaha. Well, today was my first day of class! Danish… again. Man, the books here are so freakin’ expensive. Sigh. Ah well, books at Penn are ridiculously expensive too, so I ought not to pretend I’m surprised. Most people in my Danish class are from Germany which is unfortunate for me because they’re much better at picking up Danish (the languages are similar-ish. Not… *really* similar, but the vocab has some similarities. And the construction.)

Tomorrow I’m either going to Malmo (Sweden) as it is close, or the beach (as I’d originally planned), or I will go do admin stuff like get my CPR number (it’s like an SSN here I guess) and my student ID and my metro pass and such. I don’t know, it’s kind of a toss up, we’ll see. Malmo sounds really cool and logically it’s the very best option but I don’t particularly *feel* like it ya know? Oh well, no matter what I do, no biggie, at least I have something to do! … Great, no one cares, haha.

Well, hopefully I’ll have a better post tomorrow. šŸ™‚


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  1. bottybot Said:

    I vote for beach šŸ™‚

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