I adore arrabbiata sauce (tomato and chilli, what’s not to love?) so I decided to make some for dinner. Well, I can’t say I’m an Italian chef, but it had lots of chilli flakes, which was awesome. And real tomatoes. And garlic! All in all, a tasty meal. Seriously craving and considering seconds.

Saturday there was a party in Porcelaenshaven and I discovered that my bathroom mate (henceforth referred to as B) is extremely talented at pong. Like ridiculously talented. He and my neighbour-ish S (we’re all Canadian!!!! YEEEEE) won literally every game except for the last, and that’s because they’d had so much beer at that point I’m surprised they could even throw in a straight line still. (No seriously.. they played at least 15 games, I’d say.)

Life has been pretty chill, and class hasn’t been very intense at all. I mean, again, I’ve only had Danish so far. And because I’m a big dork I already did my Danish homework before I even ate dinner. Ha! How uncharacteristic. I have some phone pics for you! I would’ve taken it from my camera but uh, whipping out a camera would have been a wee bit obvious and rude, I think.

Ok, my computer is lagging like a mofo atm, I will post the pics later, sorry. Forgive?

PS: The supermarket had yarn on sale today! Yarn!!! Yes!!! Am currently forcing myself to finish this darned scarf already. If you know my geeky knitty tendencies you’ll know how much I hate knitting scarves. Oh, the tedium! At least it’s double knitted. But seriously, on the verge of hurting people, and I can’t wait til it’s over with.


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