Table of contents

I. Saturday

i. Hawaiian party

II. Sunday

i. Cleaning

ii. Dumpling fest

iii. Cards

III. Monday

i. CPR

ii. Food

iii. Thievery

iv. Yarn store

v. Class

vi. Grocery store

vii. Credit card

viii. Reading

I. SATURDAY — Didn’t do much. I promised Wendy I’d go to their Hawaiian party so V, SB, C, and I took the bus all the way down to Tingbjerg (sp?). The party was quite lame but the drinks were very cheap. Even then, my inner cheap asian refused to buy drinks so I bought my own (although C very kindly got me one 🙂 Thanks! They accidentally made her two, haha.) Three cups of half-rum-half-soda and a Cuba caramel vodka and coke later, the party was still Lame. So we bussed it home nice and early at 1:30 or so. It was really dark and the bus didn’t read out the stops so we accidentally went way past our stop and went to the subway, which was actually better because we could all subway to our respective stops and walk home (which is closer than the bus stop.) Also, C’s bus doesn’t run between 4 and 6 so it was good we got home then. My hallmate S very kindly lent me his extra mattress from his lounge chair so C could borrow it but it turned out we didn’t need it, hahaha. Some mandatory pics…

Quite possibly worst drink name ever -- "Slow, Comfortable Screw up Against The Wall."

Quite possibly worst drink name ever -- "Slow, Comfortable Screw up Against The Wall."

Party pic one...

Party pic one...

Party pic two..

Party pic two..

II. SUNDAY: We had a dumpling making party! I cleaned my room beforehand so people would fit and now you can see the floor!

Bed to my left (with body pillow yayaya), tables and lamps to the right. This is as clean as my room will Ever get.

Bed to my left (with body pillow yayaya), tables and lamps to the right. This is as clean as my room will Ever get.

Kitchenette! Yup, in my room. Closet to the left, microwave, toaster, and bed to the right, sink and stove and fridge straight ahead!

Kitchenette! Yup, in my room. Closet to the left, microwave, toaster, and bed to the right, sink and stove and fridge straight ahead!

Originally there were only going to be three of us but it expanded into eight. We made so many dumplings it was ridiculous, over 2.5lbs worth of meat went into it. Then we played cards, including signal (“kemps”) and spoons. I love spoons! It got pretty vicious though hahaha. First round C and I ended up on the floor wrestling for a pen. And T got scratched up pretty darn badly while reaching for her pen. (I don’t have seven spoons so I used pens instead.) Then they (yes, they, not we, because I am a lazy butt) went to 7/11 and got some extra snacks woop woo! Most definitely having a dumpling party again. In funny news, I have only maybe a third of my chilli oil jar left. Eff.

III. MONDAY: Today was a pretty eventful day. First and foremost, can I just say how awesome it is I managed to sleep for six consecutive hours?? Saturday night I slept for an hour, an hour, stayed up for 1.5 hours, slept for another hour, and slept for 1.5 hours, and then gave up at 10:30AM. Basically this entire week I don’t think I slept for more than 5 hours any night, so last night was amazing. Ok, anyway, so after I showered and such I went down to the Frederiksberg Kommune to get my CPR (Civil Personal Registration? I think? Not sure?) number, which I need for health coverage and to open a bank account. Then I walked over toward Frederiksberg Centret and got a large fries from McDonald’ s (yum) and super cheap shawarma (20dkk = just under 4 USD)! I’m definitely going to go there again, that is so cheap it is ridiculous. Maybe before my class in Solbjerg Plads cause it’s close? … Not that that means anything to you anyway. Anyway! So I was walking toward Frederiksberg station trying to decide if I was going to go to my Danish class or go to the other Danish class (which starts later), and I realized that 10 minutes was cutting it terribly close so I decided not to. As I was walking I saw a guy run out of the mall being chased by another guy. The thief tossed something shiny and metallic into the air but the pursuer kept chasing him yelling, “Stop! Stop!” and mall security ran out too to chase him and so did random strangers. It was like a scene from a movie, honestly, I really wish I pulled out my camera. Now here’s the kicker — the thief turned his head to see how far the people behind him were and, when he wasn’t looking, managed to get run over by a bike. Dude.. instant karma, seriously. **OK PAUSE: my brother just said he saw a pack of Sarasas and thought of me but that he didn’t know my mailing address/can’t mail in time so for my birthday he’s giving me the gift of love and, I quote, “hearts!!!!” awwwww.** Sorry, minor diversion. But yeah. I cannot believe that happened in front of my eyes in real life!!! HAHA! I couldn’t even respond properly. I bet if I saw it on youtube I would’ve laughed out loud though. Unreal. Actually, no, I’d swear up and down it was staged. Anyway… On my way to class (which was Really far away at that point because I was wandering all around Frederiksberg) I found a yarn store!!!! Halllllelujah! Halllllelujah! I want to knit something Epic and this store helps heaps. I stopped at Kvickly and got a bag of clementines before I went to class. I went to the wrong Danish class at first so by the time I got to the other Danish class I ended up being late anyway lol. A little awk, but whatever. This time’s stuff was pretty easy so yippee! …Which reminds me, I should prob do that homework ahead of time and be dorky. Then I went to Fakta and reloaded on my chocolate muesli (sadly, Cruesli is no longer on sale so I had to get generic kind) and chocolate milk! Yes!!! And rullepolse, which is hands down my favourite deli meat. It means rolled meat, and it’s slices from a log of, well, rolled meat. It’s great because it’s very salty and fatty and flavourful, and heavily spiced between each layer of meat. Mmm. Oh, and a package of bread so I can take it with me to class. And salad. Because I feel obliged to eat veggies. Then I went home and got a call from UPS saying I got a package but that the address on it didn’t exist. Turns out it was my credit card (this time with a chip so I can actually use it in this freaking country) and the bank didn’t write down the right address!!! Wtf! And I know it’s not my fault because there’s a regular sized envelope with the correct address inside a huge international envelope which failed to properly copy the original envelope. Honestly, wtf, I’m lucky the UPS man even called me, because otherwise I wouldn’t receive it. They really need to be more careful with a credit card, I’m in a FOREIGN COUNTRY and kind of need funds. Well, that’s it. I have a 100-page reading to do for tomorrow.. blah. Btw, seriously considering getting up early to make a trip to the yarn store before class. Seriously.


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