Life events that have unfolded recently-ish have really taught me that I need consistency in my life. Ok.. it’s true, I am constantly seeking change and always on the move (I get bored easily.. forgive?) but man is it good that some things never change. Maybe that’s why I’m such a homebody here, haha, gotta balance out the change with something normal. Bumming around on my computer and chatting is a routine I’ve been accustomed to for half my life, and I’m glad it’s something I can come home to. That, and most if not all (I can’t think of any exceptions but I wouldn’t want to be proven wrong now would I?) are pretty true to themselves (and since honesty is key for me, I guess that’s why we’re friends..) and so they’re a constant in my life too. I don’t think I’d be able to go about and explore the world more or less on my own if I wasn’t confident that my friends were supporting me haha (omg I’m so lame and cheesy.) Point is… If we are close friends (or even not!), I am very, very, very grateful. Thank you, love you, owe you, drop me a line any time (preferably with your address 🙂 I have 9 blank envelopes.. it could have your name on it if you holla in time..)!!! Ok.. enough cheese and love on my part.. people are gonna start thinking somebody stole my laptop lol.

Some humour to lighten the mood:

Me: i was chopping onions and the onions here are really vicious i teared up so much i decided to put on sunglasses but my tears fogged up the sunglasses lol! M: haha i thought maybe you put them on because you can’t stand for anyone to see you in a moment of weakness


I am considering going to Groningen/Amsterdam (no.. not to participate in Amsterdam’s legal delights) this weekend to visit my Latvian friend. The only thing is, I’m gonna spend like 40 hours round trip on a train :/ and I’m kinda poor. Should I do it..? Decisions, decisions. The good part is I know someone who is taking the night train so I’d save time, and it’s safer that way.

Decisions, decisions.

I miss Penn. and UTS.


[/cheese.. for now]

No pics, bite me.

Omg, I was just going to update with something, but every time I open this window the memory mysteriously vapourizes. Life is just not agreeing with me. In fabby fab news, my Danish card arrived! Gah, still don’t remember, wtf. I think I’m gonna make a deli meat, mozza, and avocado sandwich for lunch tomorrow yummy. Oh yeah! I’m trying to fix my sleeping and wake up earlier in order to sleep better… Wish me luck! I tried to sleep earlier at 2:30 last night and that kiiiiiinda failed epically because I didn’t sleep for over an hour after that. And then I woke up this morning at 8. Then it dawned upon me that it was life’s way of punishing me for being idle and having poor sleeping habits. So.. I got up at 8, and let me tell you, there are way too many hours in a day when you wake up at 8 haha. I was so bored I cleaned my room! Ish. Now I can see my desk again.. hoohah!


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  1. RoomieK Said:

    i vote for amsterdam! go for it girl….we will make the money back in on time, haha, hopefully =p

    and i am glad you can see your desk again! it reminds me of penn and the good old time…aw i miss you

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