Dreams really do come true!

So all week long I’ve been hoping to sleep better and I have found the solution: illness. Yup, I am Diseased and not enjoying it. Plus the interwebs blew huge chunks today and *really* didn’t help. It also served as a painful reminder that the only form of entertainment on my computer aside from music (I listened to Tristan Prettyman’s album on repeat because it’s soothing) is a copy of Death Note 2 which has been pitifully played and replayed in times of failed connectivity. I need new stuff. Ideally in English, too, so I can know what’s going on when my eyes are closed because it’s kiiiiind of easier to fall asleep that way (even if they pop back open a tad later. TMI? Heeeeeee.)

Got B’s love note today hooray!!!

In Temptation Tuesday news, we are most def doing chocolate fondue next week. Yummy! This season of GG is shaping up to be far more dramatic than last season’s lacklustre episodes by making most of the characters quite, quite repulsive. (I guess I should’ve seen it coming… Bratty rich kids in college, go figure!) Serena vexes me to no end because she neeeeeeever thinks anything is her fault and has the worst apologies on the rare occasion she decides to do a half-hearted one. But whatever. GG this week was like a car accident. You reeeeeally don’t want to be rubbernecking because it’s such a mess and you can’t do anything for the people involved but you reeeeally can’t help it.


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