Don’t worry, I’m still alive!

Well yesterday we got daylight savings but it is proving to be rather useless i Danmark because the sun freakin sets at 5pm now because it’s winter! Today it was all rainy and stuff and it is making me very fatigued.. 😦 I haven’t felt particularly awake once all day and I am sleepy and it is only 11pm! All I did today really was eat and nap lol. In excellent news, I have mastered making soy sauce chicken and ginger-scallion sauce. It is so good there is none left and I can’t take pictures! Funnily, the soy sauce mixture used to boil the chicken has become soy sauce jello because the gelatin from boiling the chicken has gelatinized the mixture!

This weekend I went out twice (:O!) and also was a bit of a nerd (:O!!) because my friend has the quant textbook but he couldn’t use it because he was studying for another exam which meant that I could use it! Hoohah! After laying hands upon this mythical item and taking a look through and doing some practice problems I feel a lot better about this class, lol.

Anyway, on to the good stuff.. pictures! Of course on Thursday we went to Kulorbar as always. This time wasn’t as good because the DJ was different 😦 But still good for a clubbing experience. Oh, and this time I insisted upon snapping a picture each time we got a beer so we’d know for certain precisely how many were consumed! (Last time we had a minor argument between 5 and 6 hahaha.)



Mittens!! It was cold out, so we all wore gloves or mittens πŸ™‚

Mittens 2

My mittens are eating my clutch πŸ™‚


First beer

This commences the beer drinking pictures! Each photo to follow is worth a beer.. I am not going to caption each, that is just silly!



Eighth beer, ladies and gents! Don't worry, that's all, haha.

Also, the next morning I discovered a bruise that I got from walking into my chair too many times 😦 (No, not because I was drunk! The chair just is right at kneecap level so it kind of shades in my kneecap lol.)

The next day (Friday) was the day of the Halloween party. I was really excited, but I shouldn’t have been, haha. We didn’t like Underbar at all! The music sucked, but everyone else seemed to have had a really good time! Well, maybe they were piss drunk, lol. Oh, and some drunk ho shoved me off the platform and so I sprained my ankle, boo 😦 Also I have discovered that pregaming with a bottle of champagne goes down much easier than alternate methods, haha.


I went as Lady Gaga! That was the only blonde wig I could find, and it had no bangs or anything, so I had to cut them in, and the hair was waaaaay too long and scraggly, so I had to cut that too. All the wigs here are brown or black here because everyone already is blonde!

In character

Yeah we decided to pose in character and I was at a loss for what to do. Oh, and we swapped sides so you could see my lightning bolt πŸ™‚


Inside. I yanked off the wig as soon as I got there lol I hate those blasted things! So my hair is all gross and demented from hanging out under it, hahaha.


Jelly belly

Most. Adorable. Costume. Ever.



Bruise still quite purple on Sunday despite application of bruise cream that apparently is supposed to do stuff with your blood vessels. Oh well. Oh, and look, a textbook!!! Aren't you proud? Not mine though, haha.

I opted against going on the booze cruise this weekend because I don’t think it is worth the expense but I am considering going to Berlin. What should I doooo? I am going to London and the Canary Islands next weekend.. it will be a nice respite from the cold weather here.. V and I are going to study on the beach! Woo! (… Plus the ticket was just really cheap, haha.) Other things to look forward to this week: all you can eat ribs round 2, and maybe power hour (I have never tried this before, it scares me a little.. but only a little. We shall see!)

Alright.. that is all that is going on in my life. πŸ™‚








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  1. Kell Said:

    Poker Face!!!! You look so legit and i love the makeup!!!! haha and i got a lot of bruises on my legs too…the story is that i was craving for mcflurry so i jumped over a hurdle and fell on the epic penang road…haha

    miss you

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