Ich bin deutsch! …not.

Because I’m on a ferry with nothing better to do and the lights are bright and I’m not sleepy, I will write about my trip. Actually I should be practising Danish so I’ll write as much as I can in Danish.

Tørsdag aften gik jeg ikke i seng. Jeg gik til fest i Kulørbar (den bedste!) og så drak jeg halv og otte øler. Jeg kom hjem klokken 3 fordi C og jeg var meget.. hungry.. og vi synede det var bedre at gå hjem tidligt fordi jeg havde et bus .. to catch. Klokken halv 6 (530) gik jeg i.. bus stop.. og klokken half syv buset gik til Berlin! Der var.. a ferry ride og jeg var meget træt og jeg kunne ikke sove. .. I give up writing in Danish lol. In summary: I went to Kulorbar, had 8.5 beers (C and 8 and was pretty gone haha and didn’t believe we had that many til I showed her the picture proof.. probably one of my better ideas because otherwise I would’ve looked like the crazy drunk one lol!), went home, made ramen and an omelette (homegirl gets hungry ok!), took a nap for an hour, speedily showered, and popped back out at 5:30. Bus to Berlin left at 6:30AM, and a seven-and-a-half-hour bus-and-ferry ride later, I was in Berlin!


This post wouldn't be complete without a photo from Kulorbar now would it? I save up every week to come here! My favourite club/bar ever. Free beer (and lots of bars to serve it) + reasonable cover + good music + lots of platforms to avoid creeps = BEST. I will miss Kulorbar a lot. It makes clubbing in the US even more lame by comparison (this is *actually fun*! Promise.)


View from my ferry window!


Wind turbine things from my bus window! It looked cooler in person. (I almost wrote kulor, lol!)


I went from the ZOB (the central bus station) to its respective U-Bahn train station and it was completely deserted, ghetto looking, and empty. I mean it makes for a cool picture but it freaks me the heck out because it was 230 PM on a Friday. Shouldn't there be people around??? And I got harrassed and sworn at by two separate people trying to gyp me and sell me day passes. Not a great start..

Ghetto 2

Yeah, the only thought running through my head was "ghettoooooo...." It's creepier in person with all the graffiti and weeds.


I went to Curry 36 for the currywurst because I read online it's the best. Seems to be true -- it was filled to the brim with locals and I had to wait in line. What is currywurst, you ask? It is a roast sausage with curry and ketchuppy sauce. The ketchup here is really sweet and thick and together it tastes really, really good (although the idea is a little disgusting, I will admit.)


Yayyy stationery!

Checkpoint Charlie

Checkpoint Charlie museum! Not that I went in, or anything.

Checkpoint Charlie 2

Yeah um.. when I got here I was like, "That's it?" That was kind of my response to most things. Haha. Well there you are folks.. Checkpoint Charlie.


It's official -- Douglas is everywhere. Haha!


OMG OMG OMG Chinese food!!! I had delicious Chinese pile-as-much-as-you-can-on-the-plate in the food court at the mall I found at Alexanderplatz and it was inexpensive and run by real Asians = a winner in my books. Tasted good, too! Definitely San Franciscan Panda Express worthy, at least. (Trust me, the "Chinese" in Copenhagen is worse than the Chinese in Middle-of-Nowhere, Canada. It's honestly the worst "Chinese" I've ever had anywhere. This was a godsend!) Notice the amount of greens.. I missed veggies.. I got green beans with chicken, the spiciest black pepper beef I've ever eaten, tempura veggies, some sort of roast crispy pork, noodles, broccoli with beef, and some other stuff I forgot. What a delicious snack!

Hot dog man

Dude, this guy was a one-man hot dog stand. I couldn't figure out how he managed to get the thing to stay in place but he was straddling it. ...that looks dirty so I hope immature kids don't read that sentence. It looked cool though! There was a guy in a wheelchair with a similar device but I didn't want him to think I was gawking at his disability so I didn't take a picture..


At the recommendation of a real German I tried Berliner Weiße! (The beta thing is a double s.. so it's like edelweiss only.. berlinerweisse.. yes.) It's basically Italian soda but with beer instead and it's actually really good. I met up with A here for dinner since it was almost his birthday 🙂 I love seeing people I know!

Oh and before I proceed.. I realize I neglected to take any pics of Pfefferbett Hostel.. but it is one of the best hostels I have been to and I highly recommend it. It is super bomb and the key is really high tech (it’s magnetic and opens all the doors and lockers that apply to you so it’s really easy to use) and the reception is open 24/7 as is the lobby etc. and you really feel like you’re more in a hotel than a hostel. Recommend!


Wow if this isn't the saddest kid's playground ever I don't know what it is. It was covered with weeds and graffiti and the playground items were so strange, like huge emptied barrels and random wooden boards.. I ran into this prior to the consumption of my 900-calorie breakfast at Back Factory which consisted of OJ, pain au chocolat, and butter croissant with nuts and nougat-creme.


Train station from the inside.. I don't remember which 😦


Warschauer Straße station. Nothing particularly exciting, but I figured I should throw in a gratuitous train station pic somewhere.


I couldn't cross the street fast enough because the lights change so darn fast so I took a pic of what I saw. Yes, surprise, more graffiti!


East Side Gallery -- a stretch of Berlinian wall for artists to paint/graffiti on.


Would you stay here??? Haha. Ugliest hostel ever.


Saddest Universal Music studio ever..




Bikes and things..


The line at Curry 36. It doesn't look impressive, but the line is comparable to Pat and Geno's except longer.


My second currywurst back at Curry 36! This time with yummy fries that had cajun spice on it. Yum.


The Brandenburg gate! I was so underwhelmed words can't describe lol. The train doors and everything are plastered (I mean PLASTERED.. kind of like desktop tiling) with images of the Brandenburg gate tilted at various angles and it's so.. not exciting in person hahaha. I expect too much, I guess.


Funny looking bike taxi thing..


The Reichstag! Cooler looking than the Branderburg gate in my opinion. But even then not as exciting as some other buildings I've seen.


I found this much more interesting than the Reichstag itself. Like everything else in Berlin this kind of perplexed me. Right outside the Reichstag there was just this huge expanse of green and tile/stones that extended *really* far out all the way to the water where you could see the Hauptbahnhof. See? This is why I don't like Berlin. I like buildings all next to each other and not random open spaces. If this open space were graffiti-ed, bridge-ed, and ghetto looking, it would sum up my view of Berlin.



Me by the Reichstag. I didn't take really any pictures with me in it because I just never really liked Berlin all that much lol. If I look pretty beat, it's because I WAS pretty beat, haha.








This is my favourite picture I took in Berlin. The sun hit the cobblestoned ground and the stones reflected the sun differently so it looked really sparkly and cool. And there are mysterious feet in the background, haha.




Hi horses!


If you look back there there is a guy with the weirdest hairstyle ever trying to make out with his girlfriend. He had a rat-tail-not-really crossed with a 'hawk crossed with dreads. He has like.. five dreads sticking out the back of his head at the base but all lined up. Imagine putting the heel of your hand at the base of your head.. each finger is one of his hideous dreads. Ugh. Ugh!!!


KaDeWe.. the biggest department store in Germany (and one of the biggest in Europe!) I really enjoyed this haha there was a floor dedicated solely to food! They had an American food section where they imported American faves (for expats I presume) at ridiculous prices!


All the gummy bear flavours in case you've ever wondered (cause I sure have!) Pineapple, orange, raspberry, strawberry (did you know there were two red flavours??? They look almost the same!), lemon, green apple. Oh, these are Haribo gold bears (the best.) These flavours may not apply to substandard generic brand gummy bears.

Anyway on the bus home I sat behind the nastiest PDA-iest couple I have ever seen. I will copy the text transcript between T and I which sums it up quite well.


T: “Lol that happened 2 me on the plane 2 venice. So funny that the guy laughed as well, lol. How’s Berlin?”

Me: “I’m about to board the ferry back. Seriously they’re like rabbits in heat i have to keep headphones in at all times. Whenever they’re awake he’s kissing her and she’s tangled in his dreadlocks. Also some dude got kicked off the bus :/ police came on for passport control and he wasn’t allowed to travel.”

T: “Wow, talk about a dramatic trip back, lol. Listen 2 some really loud angry music and maybe they’ll get the picture. Cya soon!”

Me: “HAHA that made me laugh out loud. I resorted to pulling out a huge map of berlin so they wouldn’t see me laugh. Definitely changing my seat after the ferry”

T: “Lol that gave me a really funny mental picture 🙂 good luck with ur new seat!”

I did indeed manage to snag a new seat far away from the gross couple post-ferry and it made my life a lot better. Then I got home and ate ramen and shrimp and such. Then today I ate over a pound of soy sauce chicken and a ton of dumplings and cookies. All is right with the world. I MISSED CPH A LOT and I never thought I would say that but I did!!! Ok, that was one of my most time consuming posts ever, I’m so glad it’s over, haha.


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  1. C Said:

    I miss you so much…come home to me! :*(

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