Random thoughts

1. When I was little I *loved* getting freebies in books. I remember one of my books had a bracelet in the front in a plastic bubble thing (what’s the point?) but I loved it and wore it on my sixth birthday! …When I look at the pic it just looks like a chain, haha. I remember getting my picture taken though. I was standing on the driveway with the customary helium balloons 🙂 we always got those on our birthday. Oh and when I was five I wore this ridiculous piece of Minnie Mouse costume jewellery that was made out of alternating pink and white plastic gaudy shiny hearts and I thought it was the best thing ever and it totally matched my poofy tutu-ed baby pink dress. I remember getting ready for my birthday and I was upstairs and I was suuuper excited to bop around in my uberhip dress.

2. When I was in Gr. 2 or 3 (I don’t remember) I lost the spelling bee to my brother. I didn’t really mind, but I had one of those mitten clip things attached to my jacket and accidentally swung one into my eye, which of course made my eyes water. People thought I was crying because I lost, and when I tried to explain that I was stupid and jabbed myself in the eye with a mitten clip, well, nobody believed that. Because really, who jabs themselves with a mitten clip???

3. My earliest memory ever dates back to preschool. Which.. is kind of sad. Then again, memory has never been one of my strengths.

4. Apparently I had a bit of a death wish when I was a baby and found all sorts of ways to escape the playpen and the baby seat (yes, I was strapped in!) and climbed on top of things including the upper bunk of a bunk bed (??? frankly, when I was in grade school and went back to Hong Kong my dad had to take down the bunk because neither of us could be bothered to climb up it, so I don’t know how a stubby little baby me did it) and I’m pretty lucky I didn’t fall off because I would’ve died. Oh, and my brother and I would help each other escape the playpen. Maybe we were feeling claustrophobic, I don’t know.

5. I missed an airplane crash by two days. The Air France flight that kind of went past the runway at Toronto Pearson airport and crashed into the highway (miraculously, there were no fatalities, but omg, I would never be able to fly again if I were in a crash..). I was on that exact same flight two days before. Creepy. I think we even had the same flight number (and if not, it was really similar.)

6. High heels look really .. not high in pictures from the front.

7. When I was little and I went to Chinese school there was this thing where you had to recite poetry as a kind of a competition. It wasn’t mandatory but my mom forced me to do it. It was the worst thing ever. All I remember is the first line was “Pull the saw, pull the saw” (??? It was about logging.. wtf.) But I was rewarded for my suffering with a Skip-It 🙂 I love that thing! .. I miss it. It was purple. And blue and orange and green, if I recall correctly. Unrelatedly, I also won third place once for Chinese calligraphy. I don’t know why, my writing looks like a kid wrote it, but whatever. …yeah I really hated Chinese school. I’d write ghetto Cantonese pinyin on the sides so I’d remember how to pronounce the words. Every class there was a mini-test to see if you remembered the characters, but I never had time to do the homework, so I’d fail most of the time. And.. yeah, we had to do presentations for homework, and I rarely did those because I didn’t have time, and it was embarrassing. When I was at the peak of boredom in class I’d make a huge pile of eraser shavings. (No, seriously.. I’d just take a ruler and the friction would create a little mound of shavings. Especially artgums.) Other random things.. there was this kid in our class who couldn’t write his own name because it was so epic. It had a dragon in there somewhere. Lollllll. …too bad I don’t remember what anyone’s name is, it would be pretty cool if I could stalk them down on Facebook, haha.

8. I was hit on by a Vatican guard. Two, actually, in tandem. Are they even allowed to do that?

9. I bought a jar of peanut butter today. It’s the first time I’ve eaten it in years. I bought instead of fake Nutella (real Nutella ringing in at $7 a jar is unacceptable) because the more chokoladecreme I eat the more I want! Peanut butter on the other hand has a self-curbing mechanism. It’s really yummy by itself because I got crunchy peanut butter 🙂

10. I want to put a tenth one because I think having ten looks better. Ummmmm. I rearranged the room and moved the bed so there will be more space when L comes to visit! Woop woo!


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