Russian borscht

HK-Western-style-cafe-style is probably one of my favourite soups. And I cooked it today. BOOOOOYAH! Somebody worship at my feet. Do it , do it! Also, an interesting quote I heart (I meant to write heard but the typo stays.. see how warm and fuzzy I am?) today:

“In a time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” – George Orwell

Does that make me revolutionary? 😉 I am so counter culture hippie underground-y I totally belong in Berlin.


On Thursday I went to Kulor (duh! aren’t you sick of hearing this by now) but the beer this time was stronger and my stomach was pretty empty so I was a wee bit hungover the next day but no biggie. I was away in Las Palmas and London last week but as I have already uploaded photos onto Facebook I am most disinclined to blog about them so I am not going to do that.. Sorry!

I have a lovely pair of flat over the knee leather boots now that I bought at the Aldo clearance in Camden and they are so warm and so comfortable it is like wearing a pair of super thick and soft and non scratchy perfect snug socks that are made out of leather and lined with suede. I am so warm now! I suck balls at wearing hats but as the weather here is so perpetually dreary I finally succumbed and got one from H&M and sure, I look a bit like a fobby marshmallow while wearing one, but I’ll admit it has its perks.

I also checked out the Jimmy Choo H&M stuff yesterday and even though I didn’t arrive til 2PM there were surprisingly quite a few shoes in stock (including a couple in my size) and loads of clothes and jewellery and bags left. I think people in Denmark aren’t as crazy as they are in North America for Choo. Vot else. (See, this Russian borscht has infused me with an Eastern European aura that is affecting my writing!) Oh, and I ate four crepes today, yummers! They are so easy/fast to make it’s kind of my carbs/dessert of choice and now I never want to buy them when I go out because they seem so overpriced. Before I used to be like oh, they’re worth the price even though it’s a sheet of batter because I can’t make them at home but HA! Now I can!


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  1. Kell Said:

    haha i love borscht…i drink it at the canteen almost everyday! i consider it my only source of veggie here =)
    I want to buy a pair of over the knee boots too but it’s not that cold here yet so it might be awkward for me to wear them lol…i will wait a bit…i expect pictures of ur fabulous newly acquired stuff =p
    ps. hong kong ppl are crazy about choo too and mainlanders…cuz i actually hear ppl talking about them lol

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