the end of an era

Last night marked the last night ever at Kulorbar in the foreseeable future and it saddens me. I can still smell the sweet smoke machine air.. stale beer.. cheesy lights (can’t smell those, I will admit).. anyway. By now I am sure you are sick of reading about Kulor. If not, you are probably moronically patient, but I guess that’s why we’re friends, since I talk too much and you must have some way of compensating (or you could be like C and just run a different conversation simultaneously which I hear is rude but in my opinion it works perfectly.)


I ran into two of the Korean girls! Don't remember the name of the girl on the left, but Y on the right lives in my building. Left girl (LG) was kind of swaying on the spot already halfway through her first beer hahaha bless her. So.. Y downed the rest of her beer for her. Same goes for the second beer. LG disappeared really early on in the night, C and I had no clue where she went!


As you can see, I managed to kind of curl my hair without it going all super curly on me. I am making progress! Yes.. this is what happens when I get bored.

Well, yesterday we decided to leave Kulor at 330, 4ish, and we decided we were going to have a hotdog but the hotdog vendor was closed!!! (Sometimes it’s open late at night and charges a buck more but it really hits the spot!) And, the metro wasn’t really running anyway, so we decided to kill time and walked to Norreport, the next train station, and went to the McDonald’s and got two large fries and a cheeseburger šŸ™‚ and the night shift guy was so nice (even though it was just him and 209023525 drunken messy people throwing crap everywhere.. seriously..) and gave us free ketchup!!! 7 packs in total.. that would’ve cost almost 2 bucks.. (sigh, Denmark, why are you so expensive??) I have one packet left that I put on the counter as a reminder that there are still patient people in the world, hahaha. Then when we got to the metro station our train was supposed to arrive (it has a sign telling you when it will come.) For the longest time it said Vanlose.. and then right when there were 3 minutes left it changed to Lufthavnen!!! (That is toward the airport.. opposite direction.) We were so pissed!!! We had to wait an extra ten minutes, and C needed to pee so badly hahaha, bless her. Then when we got on the train.. it decided to be an express train and it didn’t tell us!!! So it went straight from Norreport to the terminal stop (which I’ve never been to, so I guess it was an experience.) So… then we had to go back and I didn’t get home til 5ish (which is when I usually get home post-Kulorbar, but usually I just take the train straight at 430 hahaha.)

By the way, every morning after a night of drinking, hungover or not, I crave orange juice. Water somehow just doesn’t cut it (although I do still drink water.. can’t drink the whole carton of orange juice, that is a little indulgent!) Is it just me? As an extension from this craving for acidity, I had pasta with tomato sauce (the tang of the tomato, you see.) But I was too lazy to go walk to buy tomato sauce.. and I had a ton of fresh tomatoes.. so I made my own tomato sauce! It’s kind of crazy, if you make your own tomato sauce, you only need very little sauce! I couldn’t really see the sauce on my pasta so I added enough so I could see it (because that’s what you usually do with pasta right?) and it was super tomatoey, so I think next time I will only use a little bit of sauce.. I still have half of it left. I used six tomatoes, 4 cloves of garlic, an onion, quite a bit of olive oil, some salt, and of course chilli pepper flakes. So I think per person you only need two tomatoes.

Wholly unrelatedly, I want a pair of cropped trousers. Those really trendy ones that are just a wee bit too short. That I will probably never wear. But want anyway. Just because.


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  1. Kell Said:

    Awww Kulor sounds like an awesome place! I hope you won’t miss it too much…

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