Cold and bitter

I am referring to some tea I made HAHA! Don’t I look super angry otherwise? But yes, yum.

Also, yours truly is quite possibly the worst at life ever. So.. I went to the grocery store after my exams and loaded up a cart only to realize I didn’t have my credit card (doh) only then to realize I couldn’t FIND my credit card because it wasn’t in my wallet! I looked seriously everywhere — I even removed my mattress — because I thought I took it out to reload my laundry card. Turns out I never took it out and it was in my jacket pocket… wtf? So I guess my mind makes up memories. It’s kind of weird.

Today I woke up naturally at 720am and it was so dark I thought it was only 5am or something because my alarm hadn’t rung yet and it was dark out but I checked my clock and it was indeed, 720 (my alarm was set for 730). Saddening. I can’t be bothered to do anything atm… it is going to rain for the rest of the week.. so sad…

Tonight I am going over to a different res to make dinner with V because I have to borrow a book from another friend because I’m too cheap to buy it. Check it out — so it’s called a “compendium” and basically it’s a big stack of bound photocopied articles and it costs 80 bucks!!! EIGHTY! I almost bought it because I was like oh, I need it to write a paper, but I really haven’t the heart to buy this when I’m not going to use it again ever. And I have to wait 3, 4 days for them to custom make it. Feh. Not worth it. So.. I’m going to borrow the book overnight and just not sleep and copy out tons of quotes and hopefully it’ll be useful… Good luck to me!

K– yes I did but I don’t remember what it was about. But b***h stewie is so funny hahahaha!


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