My sleep cycle is out of sync

I went to my friend’s place to make dinner, hang out, and pick up a textbook that I refused to buy yesterday. Well, before we knew it, it was past midnight and the metro doesn’t run that late and I didn’t want to walk the half hour home so I watched Armageddon, American Pie, and American Pie 2 and then bussed home at 7 something. It was So dark. I was watching these little kids presumably walk to school or something at like 720 AM and it was so dark!!!!!! It was so depressing!!! I can’t imagine never seeing the sun because the only time it comes out (if it does) is while you’re in class!!


Darkness prevails! 😦

I turned off the flash because there were people on the street and I felt embarrassed.. haha.

Only the Danes could turn snakes and ladders and trouble into a drinking game.

I don't know what one does with a hangover bag...

I went to shawarma for the first time in a month and had an ice cream bar, yummy! I’m considering taking a nap and then really crunching down to read creative …



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