Because you care.

1. I’ve only really had one recurring nightmare… Where my teeth start falling out all of a sudden (you know how when your baby teeth start popping out and get all wobbly?) All the teeth in my mouth turn wobbly and every time I bite down I can feel them wobble and they gradually fall off and eating is hard and scary and I wake up and check to see if I still have teeth. The ortho tells me I grind my teeth in my sleep so maybe that’s why? In any case, I rarely dream, so whatever. … I haven’t had this nightmare in a while it just occurred to me is all, haha.

2. I have three Ikea feather-filled body pillows all over the world (Copenhagen, Hong Kong, Philadelphia). They’re honsetly the best body pillows ever because they’re so dense but not rock hard. Even if I don’t end up using it I still like having it on my bed. I thrive in clutter, I guess, haha.

3. My right foot is bigger than my left foot but my left boob is bigger than my right boob but I’m right handed. I don’t really spot a pattern. My mom said I was outright wrong at first because for some reason she’s convinced that the dominant side is bigger for everything but she’s wrong! Ha! … great.

Um.. anyone notice a pattern? The past two posts are just things I see because they’re right in front of me and I felt like writing it down. Grrrrreat, I know.

4. Green onions here make me cry (like for real, tears running down my face, not just tearing up!) but the onions don’t. Weird right? Danish scallions are vicious.

5. I rearranged my room today. Because I was bored. Plus L is visiting and I need to make space. And my room was just really messy. Not like my usual level of mess — far, far worse. Oh well.

6. My building had a fire alarm test at 9AM this morning. That is correct — 9AM, Friday morning, exam period. Wtf?

Also I can’t really see what I’m typing because I’m watching a laggy episode of SYTYCD and it’s taking up most of my screen because Megavideo is awesome and loads videos really big. So.. if there are a ton of typos.. forgive? Also also, interwebs as of late has been BALLS. I mean usually it’s laggy for a third of the day and that’s not so bad but right now it’s like.. I can’t even chat with people properly. Bah. Maybe this is a sign I should start my paper?


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